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If you have applied for a new top level domain at ICANN you are perfectly right here. Due to the major interest not all applications can be evaluated at a time.

Fortunately, with you are in the front line.


What it is about

ICANN has received 1,930 applications for new top level domains. All requests have to be evaluated by experts, a process which will be both work-intensive and time-consuming. Rigorous evaluation will take at least six months per application. Due to capacity limits ICANN can only evaluate approximately 500 applications at a time. Therefore a batching process will divide applications into sets.

Digital Archery

Applicants are called upon to determine the order in which ICANN will evaluate applications. This is why ICANN has invented Digital Archery, a mechanism which measures the applicant's ability to hit a target at a selected target time and date. Accuracy will be used to define the placement within a specific batch. Those who hit most precisely will be placed in the first batch.

For those applicants who want to profit from an early delegation of their TLD was introduced.

Dr. Miguel Rojas
Business Analyst and Statistics Expert at

Man vs Machine

At our computer systems will take Digital Archery off your hands. The technical solution exceeds the precision of experienced users many times over.

Thanks to this accuracy chances to be placed in the first batch will increase significantly.

Dr. Jan-Hendrik Lochner
System Architect at

More than just Algorithms uses a special programming language that is optimized for real-time programs. In addition to that, other important aspects such as latency, jitter, network topologies, characteristics of Citrix environments and synchronization of time servers are taken into account.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:
How can I participate at
Answer 1:
At the last page of this website you can simply request our contract documents. We will discuss the next steps with you. Everything is very simple and fair.
Question 2:
When do I have to pay fees for
Answer 2:
There are no initial fees. You only pay if you are placed in the first batch.
Question 3:
Do you handle applications differently?
Answer 3:
Every customer gets exactly the same chance. An independent notary will certify the correctness of the system.
Question 4:
For how many applicants do you offer
Answer 4:
We only offer our service to a limited number of 500 TLDs. Only this way we can ensure that you have an advantage over applicants who do not count on
Question 5:
Do you consider ICANN regions as well?
Answer 5:
Yes. Out of 500 spots there account 25 for Africa, 100 for Asia-Pacific, 250 for Europe, 25 for Latin America / Caribbean and 100 for North America.

Pricing Schedule

Accounting for is markedly fair.

You only pay if you are placed in the first batch. There are no such things as prepayments or refunds. If you decide to use until 20 June 2012 you will profit from an attractive discount. The target time and date for the Digital Archery process will be optimally determined by our experts.

Advantages of

  1. You only pay if you are placed in the first batch. If you are placed in the second batch or beyond, you will pay nothing.
  2. We are markedly less expensive than other providers.
  3. We offer you an attractive discount if you decide early.
  4. The system is certified by an independent notary.
  5. Our servers are located very close to ICANN in terms of network topology.
  6. We only promise what we can keep. That is why we do not advertise dubious guarantees or technically unreachable hit ratio.


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